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May 29, 2017
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Hi people,
I want to create a list of artists that are available for hire, I am consistently looking for work to be done and recently have been trying to find a particular one which I still am looking for. 

If you take a look at my profile I have been doing this for a long time and come back now and again for a new commission, I have only recently started asking for people to write feedback but it's been positive  Sometimes the art will be for someone else, sometimes for myself or maybe just so an artist can earn some money because I know it's a hard business looking for work. 

Can you please send me your contact details and rates (if you don't have a commission page can you give me your hourly rate or a price for a detailed commission). If I don't reply straight away don't get put off it could be that I need you at a different time. 

( Please note: I understand that when working it's best to leave the artist alone, So my method of communicating and completing is a little different, I don't consistently message unless we are working on fine details or if communication is lost. generally, if the work is going the right way it may be 3-4 times we communicate during the whole process. ) 

Thanks for your time.
Hi, So I am designing a visual novel for my girlfriend, I Have the art assets completed , I am now just needing a cover designed for it, I am not looking to spend huge amounts of money because this project has cost me close to 300 already.

The art style is this:…

I am very open to different styles as it doesn't need to match the games art style being that it's a cover, message or note me your prices. 

Thanks for your time. 
Hi, I am currently creating a visual novel for my girlfriend, It is for a Valentines Present, I need a semi - Realistic artist to quickly put together some art assets for it.

Characters ( different expressions ) 
Situational Scenes

Because the time scale is only around 6 days these art pieces don't need to be extremely high quality but I have a rather large list of things, It's just like me to leave it till this point in time XD.

This is the kind of style i am looking for: ( fun and wacky !)…

I need someone that is totally free for the next six days, We will need to talk on discord or skype or very close in email.

Thanks for your time.
Hey again guys, This time I am looking for an Artist that can draw a semi realistic drawing of a scenario between two characters, it's just a bit of fun so individuals looking for high payment might want re-consider applying,

The image:
*sigh* don't judge
Basically looking for a someone to draw a piece of sushi and a penguin having a sword fight, the location is set in a icy place with the piece of sushi on top of a piece of long ice so he can match the penguins height. The swords are rapier type ones. 

the sushi
I want the sushi to look like this but with pink lines on it's non existent cheeks to resemble an embarrassed or frustrated look when fighting:…

the penguin 
something like this maybe with bigger eyes to show a more cartoon type deception of a penguin:…

Anyway more details given when you send a note, You can add my on skype, Jimb133, or note me on here, Payment can be discussed or based on your general rates,  Thanks for your time.


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United Kingdom
Hi, Contact me via notes or email me at, Thanks!


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By the way, if you are still looking for someone to commission, I am available!
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I will make sure to get one from you very soon! :) 
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Payment received ~

Thank you for the commission
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